Ketabraneh – A Tehran Bookshop and Meeting Point in a Taxi

IMG_3979Ketabraneh is a project created bei an Iranian couple: Mahdi Yazdany and Sarvenaz Heraner. It started in 2009 and has been considered as the first mobile bookshop in Iran since then. This couple user their own private car and some selected books and music. They pick up people in the streets and start reading books to them and through a friendly conversation, they promote hope, peace and the art of reading and encourage the citizens to read more, think better and keep improving. They have been introduced in the media and websites to the public. Ketabraneh was acknowleged by UN as a cultural example in 2012. It has been supported by „Ministry of Culture and Isalmic Guidance“ since 2013.

Tolle Sache, vierrädriger Buchladen und social community. Und wer sich wundert, warum im Taxi: erstens fährt der Teheraner lieber Taxi als das er sich zu Fuß bewegt und zweitens steht man eh die ganze Zeit im Stau, da kommt ein gutes Gespräch und ein gutes Buch gerade recht…

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